The process of getting a culinary treat can sometimes be almost as exciting as the treat itself. Consider going to get ice cream as a youngster: from the time the word “ice cream” is mentioned, the duration of the experience is one of increasing excitement until finally, finally, the frozen treat is safely obtained. Whether it involved choosing one of many different flavors, or sitting in a parlor trying to wait patiently for the ice cream to arrive, the fun of the wait was always rewarded.

You can’t go wrong with ice cream, and with the Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker, you can have ice cream any time. The 30-minute process is easy enough in that it requires no salt or hand cranking. With a one-quart stainless steel double-wall canister that freezes the ingredients, all it takes to make a whip up a batch is some patience. The appliance easily serves the resulting soft-serve ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt,  or sorbet via an included built-in cone holder.

It’s always a good time to enjoy homemade ice cream, and with a collapsible design, it could simply be only a matter of getting out the machine from the cabinet. Measuring 8-inches wide by 12-inches deep, the ice cream maker extends from 11.25 inches when stored to 16.25-inches tall when opened for use. All that’s left is one last tradition when it comes to soft-serve: trying to pile the cone as high as it can go.

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