To misquote a popular saying, “You don’t want to be up ____’s Creek with an inflatable canoe.” Fortunately, that saying is not applicable to the Sevylor Colorado Hunting / Fishing Canoe.

Sevylor’s Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe, while being inflatable, is quite easily one of the most rugged units we’ve ever had the chance to test out in the field. The advantages to a quality inflatable canoe are thrice fold, with the unit’s incomparable mobility when bundled up, convenience and thoroughly rugged design. You’d be hard pressed to encounter a scenario the Colorado canoe cannot man-handle.

The Colorado can be paddled by canoe or kayak paddle, although we’d suggest a kayaking paddle. But the increased movement will come at a cost: your legs get dripped on incessantly. For an inflatable, tracking in this unit is without difficulty, and one shouldn’t expect to do any better with a competitor’s unit. The construction is near military grade and for every horror story you may have heard about an inflatable canoe the Colorado will provide you with 5 countering any questions you may have about the longevity of the unit. A novice can easily stand upright in the canoe. The crowning point of the Colorado canoe however is the price. An exceptionally great bargain that cannot be beat out for the quality and construction you’re receiving.

For all the praise the unit receives, it is not without flaws. I would have appreciated seeing an additional skeg or possibly one larger skeg for deep waters. There is an outer layer which is home to the PVC chambers, this is certainly neat but will collect water overall, increasing the weight and drying time. The foot pump should be immediately replaced with a sturdier model.

The most pragmatic advice about the Colorado canoe: don’t be a fool. You should not be whitewater rafting with this canoe; by contrast, it can take a severe beating but be smart. If you’re 4 miles out and this is your only way home, avoid that patch of sharp rocks. Regardless, it is the author’s opinion that the Colorado will hold up but I’d rather not have anyone lost in the woods based on this review.

Generally, the concept of an inflatable canoe is a turn off. Sevylor has taken a giant step in creating an admirable unit with all the pros and very few cons of a traditional inflatable.


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