The Smooth 6.45 represents a big step up from the Smooth Fitness entry level treadmill. This one can take a user weight of up to 350 lbs so it’s of a strong build. There also are more exercise programs and a faster top speed. Plus there’s more:


Wide and long running surface allows a confident secure run
Running deck uses patented technology for even less impact on your joints, legs and back
Super quiet powerful motor with components only found on commercial grade treadmills
Profiles can be stored for 9 users with their weight, age and target heart rate
Smooth 6.45 Treadmill review

Smooth Fitness pack a lot of features in their treadmills. They’ve been in the fitness equipment industry for 25 years so they know a thing or two about making quality products. They’ve applied this to the Smooth 6.45 treadmill with a built to last construction that will take years of regular use with a warranty to back it up.

The deck is large and 5 inches longer than it’s predecessor. This is better suited to taller runners with a longer stride or the beginner who wants the security of a longer running surface. As with all Smooth treadmills the deck and motor are quiet and shake free, you won’t feel any unnecessary movement from the treadmill itself.

The Smooth 6.45 comes with 8 exercise programs including the manual push the button and go. The programs can all be individualized with different difficulty levels so the beginner and experienced runner can something out of them all. Program 3 is a target calorie program. You type in your target calories and the console counts down to zero and slowly increases the incline until you burn this target.

Program 8 is the heart rate control workout. This has you exercising to a predetermined heart rate and the incline is adjusted to maintain your heart rate at this rate. Set the target based on your age and fitness level and these will be your most effective workouts. There are other programs including 3 that you can define so you can program in a hilly course just for yourself.

The most impressive feature is the fitness test. This test measures your pulse using the hand grip sensors for 1 minutes after you’ve finished working out. It gives you a score based on how quickly your heart rate returns to normal. The fitter you are the quicker this happens and the higher your score. This is a great way to track your progress and not seen even on commercial treadmills but featured here.

So the Smooth 6.45 is a feature packed treadmill and you can’t go wrong with. What makes it even better is the longer warranty and it’s heavier user that the unit can handle. It also folds and can be rolled away to where you want it. Overall you can’t help but be impressed with the Smooth 6.45 treadmill and it’s reasonable price.

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