With the Smooth 6.45M you’re getting very close to the treadmills you find in health centers. It’s sturdily built with many qualities for the beginner and experienced user alike. Combine this with the fact that it folds and comes in at a sensible price and you’ve got a popular treadmill:


Built to last with a user capacity of 350 lbs plus a long warranty
Running deck is long and wide for a confident secure run
Quiet in use with a powerful motor with components only found in commercial grade treadmills
The console comes with it’s own sound system for an ipod or cd player
Smooth 6.45M Treadmill review

The Smooth 6.45M treadmill takes what’s so good about the 6.45 and ramps it up. Smooth Fitness have already used their 25 years experience within the fitness equipment industry in their treadmills and this shows with the 6.45M. It still features the folding mechanism that’s gas assisted so you won’t strain yourself folding or unfolding into position. Plus there are wheels to move it when it’s folded.

The treadmill allows up to 9 user profiles so you can type in your age, weight and heart rate and it will store this information so you don’t have to type it every time. Many of the programs are designed to be used with this information. There are 8 preset programs plus 3 user defined where you can key in your own routines. The programs are all designed to challenge you in different ways and give you a nice variety to a normal run. What’s great is they allow you to choose a difficulty level so they same program can be made good for a beginner or experienced runner.

One of the programs is P4 which is an interval incline course. The difficulty level can be set between 1 and 12. You choose the duration of the run and every two minutes the incline is changed automatically from a pumping up the heart for two minutes followed by catch your breath two minutes. There’s also a weight loss program that will set you on a long slower session with incline and speed adjusting to your chosen difficulty level. This routine is designed to cause maximum weight loss.

There’s a heart rate program that changes the incline so your heart rate stays at a predetermined rate. This is monitored through the pulse grips or chest strap. Running at the appropriate working heart rate for your age has great fitness and health benefits and you get the most benefits from the effort you put in.

The treadmill has a unique fitness test. When you’ve finished your exercise you activate the test and grip the pulse sensors. This measures the rate your heart rate slows after exercising (the quicker the better) and gives you a score based on how fit you are. This is great for tracking you’re progress over a period of time.

As you can see the Smooth 6.45M treadmill has many useful features. What you’ll appreciate also is it’s build quality. It’s built to last and even comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. Parts and electronics have 5 years and 2 years for labor in home. So expect a great performing treadmill for years to come, it won’t let you down.

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