The Smooth 7.1 HR Pro is a powerhouse of a treadmill designed for constant use. It’s a popular treadmill with it’s users. There are many features you find on commercial treadmills included and at an in home price:


Special shock absorption technology for less impact during runs
8 stimulating workout programs each customizable for different fitness levels
Powerful motor delivers strong yet quiet performance
Large console display gives lots of information before, during and after your run
Smooth 7.1 HR Pro Treadmill review

The running deck is 20 inches wide which is good. Any runner whether new or experienced should find this width comfortable at any speed. Beginners will be able to run with confidence knowing there’s room for error. The deck is also triple laminated much like commercial treadmills so there’s a strong feel.

The treadmill can start at a touch of a button and you can change the settings as you go, many run like this choosing your favorite speed and incline. Should you want some variation there are 8 exercise programs. Each program can be set with it’s own difficulty level so new and experienced runners can get their own challenge from them.

Program number 6 is a weight loss program. This adjusts the settings every two minutes based on the difficulty level you’ve chosen and for a set length of time as chosen by you. This program is designed to give you maximum weight loss results from the effort you put in. Experienced runners may like program number 5 which is an interval speed workout. This adjusts the speed every two minutes to alternate between a maintained burst of speed followed by a jog or slower run.

Program 8 is a heart rate program. You enter your age, sex, weight and height and the computer determines the ideal working heart rate for you. You wear the chest strap and the incline changes to keep you at the recommended heart rate. This is ideal to help you get the most health benefits from the workouts you do.

Overall the Smooth 7.1 HR Pro has proven a popular treadmill with it’s users, many have noted how large it is and this makes using it a stable and successful experience. Some have the whole family using it. We think this is a good solid treadmill, it perhaps lacks some of the fancy features of other treadmills but that means there’s less to go wrong. If you want a good solid treadmill for in home exercising then the Smooth 7.1 HR Pro would be a good choice.

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