The Smooth 9.35 HR is a feature packed treadmill that wouldn’t be out of place in the local fitness center. With it’s quiet powerful motor and innovative deck suspension system this treadmill packs a lot in for the price:


Made with a heavy duty steel frame for years of regular use
Large running surface will put beginners and experienced runners at ease
Innovative motion control system allows you to change speed without touching the console
Adjustable shock absorption settings allow for different running styles
Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill review

Smooth Fitness have been in the fitness equipment industry for 25 years and have used their knowledge and expertise in the Smooth 9.35 HR. There are 2 major patented innovations. One is the Hydra Suspension which allows the deck to have shock absorption to 12 different levels. The other is the motion control system. You wave your hand over the sensor and the speed changes.

The treadmill comes with 6 exercise programs. Most will probably use the quick start or manual program where you press the start button and go. The data on the console counts up and you change the speed and incline to your own personal preferences.

For those wanting variation in their workout or to measure their progress the workout programs for you. A great feature is that many allow you to choose different difficulty levels so a new and experienced runner can benefit from the same programs. There’s a weight loss program which changes the intensity and incline as you go to your chosen difficulty level in a course designed to cause maximum weight loss.

Another program is the killer hills course, adjustable to 12 difficulty levels. The course adjusts the incline every 2 minutes to give you a hill climb followed by a gentle rise. The heart rate program is for use with the included heart rate chest strap. This adjusts the incline to keep your heart rate to a predetermined level. This is great for getting the most benefit from the exercise you do and is good for any age or fitness level.

The Smooth 9.35 HR is a solid stable treadmill and this is reflected in the opinions of it’s users. One marathon runner appreciated the stability and cushioning. One liked the motion control system and now couldn’t go without it. All users seem to be very happy. It’s a big sturdy treadmill backed by an excellent warranty that’s suitable for all.

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