The Smooth 9.45ST is a feature packed well built treadmill. You can run confidently due to it’s extra long and wide deck but what’s best about it is the lifetime warranty on all parts and electronics. No other treadmill can compete with that:


Hydra suspension deck for low impact running
Large running surface is great for less confident beginners or those with a long stride
Innovative motion control system allows you to change speed without touching the console
Heavy duty steel welded frame to last a lifetime like it’s warranty
Smooth 9.45ST Treadmill review

Smooth Fitness have a lot of experience within the fitness equipment industry. They’ve created a great treadmill here that’s both feature packed and built to last. They must have known a lifetime warranty on all parts and electronics is nearly unheard of within the industry for a treadmill. But here it is.

There are 6 exercise programs which includes the manual quick start where you can just press a button and go changing the settings as you run. The exercise programs offer a different challenge and all can be set to a particular difficulty level usually from 1 to 12. This means both new and experienced runners can use and benefit from these programs.

There’s an interval speed program where after choosing the difficulty level the speed is automatically adjusted every two minutes alternating between fast and slow. This is similar to a routine professional runners do. Another program is the weight loss routine that will adjust the settings so your run will cause maximum weight loss benefits, this is adjustable by difficulty.

The heart rate program uses the included wireless chest strap to keep your heart rate to a particular rate by automatically changing the incline as you run. This has the potential to give enormous health benefits for the effort you put in. What’s more any age and fitness level can benefit by this kind exercising. Some may need physician approval first.

The Smooth 9.45ST is a popular treadmill and with a warranty that lasts a lifetime for parts you can see why. When buyers receive it apparently it’s obvious why there’s a lifetime warranty. It’s a very sturdy piece of equipment. Users also seem to appreciate the features too like the motion control system. Overall the Smooth 9.45ST is a great treadmill that the whole family can use.

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