The Smooth 9.45TV is the best treadmill Smooth Fitness do. It has their longest warranty, the sturdiest build and the latest features. It’s a treadmill that can cater to the whole family whether beginner or experienced runner and whatever your fitness aims, this treadmill will satisfy:


  • Largest running surface for confident running for beginners or those with long strides
  • Innovative hydra suspension deck reduces impact during running so less stresses on joints, lower leg and back
  • Patented motion control system allows you to change the speed control without touching the console
  • 15″ LCD TV is mounted separately so the TV doesn’t move when you run

Smooth 9.45TV Treadmill review

Smooth Fitness has been in the fitness equipment industry for 25 years and the Smooth 9.45TV Treadmill is their best. It has everything they’ve learnt over the years to make good fitness equipment and is the flagship of their treadmill range. The included LCD TV has built in speakers or plug in your own headphones for a great exercising experience and makes it very much like the fitness center treadmills.

The deck and powerful motor are whisper quiet so you’ll have no problem hearing the TV. The treadmill has many features that you only find in commercial treadmills such as the triple laminated deck which will last a lifetime like the warranty. Beneath the hood the circuit board is commercial grade and gives good lasting performance.

The treadmill starts at the touch of a button with a gentle walk. You’re then free to adjust the speed and incline as you go for your own personal workout. If you want a challenge or some variety there are 6 workout programs. One of these is entitled “killer hills” which will adjust the inline in 2 minutes intervals up then down. The great thing about it and the other programs is there are adjustable difficulty levels. For example “killer hills” has levels 1 to 12 so a beginner can use the program as well as an experienced runner.

The weight loss program will appeal to those wanting to burn calories and this program is designed to give maximum results. The course will automatically change the incline and speed and again you can choose the difficulty level. This treadmill is good for anyone in the home. There is also a heart rate control program which is used with the included wireless heart rate chest strap. This adjusts the incline to keep your heart beating to a predetermined rate, this is how many athletes train.

If you’re considering the Smooth 9.45TV then be comforted by the positive views of it’s users. One bought the treadmill to replace a gym membership and she was worried because her husband and boys are so big. She had no concerns after seeing and using the treadmill. Others are appreciating the weight loss and fitness benefits this treadmill can give. Overall the Smooth 9.45TV is a great treadmill, if you plan on using your home treadmill a lot, then you’ll this treadmill as a good investment.

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