Yes, there is another gourmet coffee bean roaster in town and they have the good stuff people :) We were fortunate enough to get some of the yummy beans just before the Holiday (2011). You might have seen references to the wonderful bean on our Top 10 gift list for anyone. We want to tell you right now… this coffee is fresh and tasty!

Right now there are four blends available to order.  In addition, you can actually get full 1 pound bags!!!  Most companies are doing 12oz bags, hoping you don’t miss that extra 4 ounces (cough Starbucks) so it was nice to see the option there.  They have 10 oz bags as well.

The four flavors are Sole (The Sun – a Bold Coffee), Vento (The Wind - Espresso), Cielo (The Sky – Medium Roast), and Nuvola (Cloud – Decaf).

Price is obviously pretty important right now for quite a number of people and that’s one of the reasons we think Sogno is a great choice.  You get fresh beans, delivery to your door, and the price point is outstanding.  $6.50 for the 10oz bags and $10.99 for the 16oz bags.

The Sogno folks say their coffee is special because they roast only the finest Arabica beans in their one of a kind, custom-built coffee roaster.  I’ve never seen the roaster, but I have seen the beans, and the taste is undeniably great.   Sogno Coffee is definitely worth checking out. 5 out of 5 stars and I’ve nominated them for a Reviewboard Award.

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