The Sole F63 is picked regularly for best treadmill under $1000. It’s made by Sole Fitness whose treadmills you’ll find in the fitness rooms of the Hilton Hotel group. With this folding treadmill for the home Sole have used all their treadmill expertise and more:


  • Starts from a gentle 0.05 mph to a challenging 10 mph
  • Running surface is strong and stable allowing a confident jog or run
  • Built in cooling fans and mp3 station
  • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use

Sole F63 Treadmill review

For a home treadmill at a reasonable price you want years of use from it and you have that with the Sole F63. It’s a good solid foldaway treadmill which will allow you to run safely and confidently on it’s wide surface. It’s got many features you find in fitness center treadmills like the cooling fans, mp3 station and a safe large stop/ start button.

The treadmill comes with 6 programs and these range from fat burning to cardio training to help you run at your optimum fitness level. One of the programs uses the incline to give you a peak and valley workout if a different motivational challenge is what you sometimes want. The incline can work independently operated by the incline controls on the arm rails where the speed can be adjusted too.

The display will guide you through the programs and any jogging or running you do giving you detailed ongoing information. These include speed, distance traveled, calories burned, incline level, pulse and more. Your pulse is measured while running using the hand grips or the wireless chest strap which is included with the treadmill.

The Sole F63 is a very popular treadmill getting good reviews from it’s users who all appreciate the stability when in use and the additional features it contains like the cooling fans and bottle holder. For a neat foldaway treadmill that behaves like a commercial treadmill for the fraction of the price it takes some beating. The Sole F63 has given workout pleasure for it’s users for years and we know it will do the same for you.

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