The Sole S73 treadmill represents excellent value for a quality treadmill that can take a good run and is still built to last. The deck is specially cushioned so running on the surface is kind to the lower legs and knees as you run. The S73 is feature packed like those you find on commercial treadmills:


  • Starts from a gentle 0.05 mph and rises to a challenging 12 mph
  • The running surface is long at 60″ for the most secure confident run
  • Built in cooling fans, mp3 station and water bottle holder
  • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use with a long warranty

Sole S73 Treadmill review

The Sole S73 is a lot like the treadmills Sole supplies to some of the leading hotels and their fitness rooms. The Hilton Hotel group are one of the who happily use Sole treadmill in their fitness suites. Those treadmills are designed for long lasting, heavy use and Sole have used that knowledge and build quality in their home treadmills like the S73.

The S73 has 6 workout programs to vary your workout including fat burning and peak and valley for a hill run. The hill program uses the incline which rises up to 15% to give a challenging hilly course to run through. You always have the manual setting if you feel more comfortable having complete control over the speed and incline yourself.

There’s a heart rate program which monitors your heart rate using the supplied chest strap. The incline changes on the treadmill to keep your heart rate at a predetermined level. This is great for runners of all ages to exercise at their optimum level. While running remember to turn on the in built cooling fans to keep you cool and listen your favorite music while listening to the in built mp3 station just like commercial treadmills.

Overall the S73 is a popular treadmill, it’s stable and secure in use and is built to last. This is conformed by a long warranty which includes 2 years in home labor. The S73 is non folding which puts some people off. But sometimes non folding is better. If you have the room then buy a non folding flat treadmill, there’s less to go wrong and less mechanical movements. The S73 is a good treadmill and won’t disappoint.

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