The Sole S77 is a step up from the S73 with a more powerful motor and a user capacity of up to 400 lbs. As with the S73 the treadmill is built to last and should provide years of trouble free exercising. It has many features like those found on commercial treadmills:


  • Starts from a gentle 0.05 mph and rises to a challenging 12 mph
  • Long running surface at 60″ for a safe, confident run
  • Built in cooling fans, mp3 station and water bottle holder
  • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use and a long warranty

Sole S77 Treadmill review

The Sole S77 is like many of the treadmills you find in fitness suites of some of the most expensive hotels. That’s because Sole provide all the treadmills for the Hilton Hotel group and others. The hotels trust the Sole treadmills to be built to last and Sole have use that philosophy for the in home S77.

The S77 can be adjusted manually for your own speed and incline at the touch of a button using the console or the controls on the hand rails. Alternatively for some variety or a challenge there are 6 workout programs available from fat burning to hill courses. The hill courses adjust the incline as you run as if you’re running through a trail.

With the treadmill comes a heart rate chest strap which is 99% accurate. The results are displayed on the display to give you an accurate guide on how you’re performing. This information is there along with time spent, distance covered, calories burned and more. A heart rate program can also adjust the incline as you run to a predetermined heart rate, a great feature for the hard core fitness runners.

The S77 at under $2,000 is the ideal treadmill for repeated running on a secure, shock absorbing running surface in the home. It’s a popular unit for those who have room in the home. This is because the S77 is non folding which is often a better choice as the mechanics involved in a folding treadmill can make it less sturdy and reliable. Overall the S77 is a great treadmill to consider for some good in home exercising.

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