Solidus Editorial Solutions provides an excellent service if you are need professional business or marketing services for your organization.  We were  impressed with their top-notch staff, organizational skills and writing ability.

Solidus Editorial Solutions is a one stop shop for a number of services.  Press Releases, Blogging, E-Books, White Papers, Newsletters, Content Creation for your website, Social Media, Proofing, Copyediting, Editorial… name it.  They are the solution to your problems.

Their Philosophy:

“We believe in the power of communication. Whether a quick note or a full company brochure, a blog post or a tweet, it should be powerful, well-written, and of course, error-free. We believe that anything written by you, about you, or because of you should reflect who you are and your unique voice. We have great passion for the English language, and that passion is conveyed in everything we write, edit, or post. We take great pride in our work, and go above and beyond with each assignment to make it perfect. We are Solidus.”

They mean every word of it.  Emily Trask is the managing partner at Solidus, we have had many dealings with her over a number of years and can say without hesitation that she is absolutely the best at what she does.

If you are looking for the best service to provide that big business polish you need for your company then check them out.  Their website is here.

The Review_Crew is a mix of writers that work for Reviewboard Magazine for the specific purpose of building the Review Crew brand of Reviews. Because they are a team and review these products in a group setting (8 people on a team) they share the attribution in the form of a team name rather than individually.


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