This is a partial staff listing, if you are contacted by anyone not on this list please reach out to us through our contact form if you have questions.

Brade Smith                     Editor-In-Chief
Ryan Matthews               Technology Editor
Peter Moretti                   Fashion Editor
Martha McGreggor        Housewares Editor
Bob Rainey                      Tools / Outdoor Yard Editor
Sarah Macintosh            Edibles / Food Editor
Philip Ferreira                Special Features Editor / CFO
Rory Ferreira                  Music/Audio Editor
Papa Kenn                       Movie/Entertainment Editor
Mark Ravi                        PC Games Editor
Ryan O’Connell              Console Games Editor
Brandon Sainthouse     Sports & Recreation Editor
Sheldon Smythe            Small Business Editor

The Review Crew is made up of a group of staff writers including the following people:

Kim M. Powell, Mae R. Garman, Clifford L. Smith, Maureen T. Armstrong, Austin K. Garber, Kent F. Guerrero, Everett N. Jackson, Valerie J. Baugh, Patricia A. Patterson, James J. Hughes, Lourdes C. Jones, Annette J. Byrd, Barry R. Wilson, Maria H. Kimes, Kimberley G. Rau, Gregory P. Webb and Ralph L. Gordon
















*Some of the names above could be pen names at the request of the author, or by the nature of the position and the fact that multiple people respond to that email address or those requests.