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    Cavanova Countertop Four-Bottle Wine Chiller Review

    It’s not easy to keep a wine collection on hand ready to be served at the correct temperature. First, of course, are money matters. Not many of us have the disposable income just waiting to be put toward a wine cellar. Even living in a land of make-believe where money is no...

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    Keep your wine collection cool and out of the way

    Counter space is always an issue when looking to bring a new kitchen appliance into the fold. Quite often, an overexuberance of gadgetry spills out onto every available surface. And that includes the floor. Normally, one wouldn’t want to start storing appliances on the floor, but there are the rare exceptions when...

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    Wine chiller chills open bottles of wine

    Entertaining always requires a certain amount of planning. Hosts have to ask themselves what to serve, how to serve it, and who to serve it to. When it comes to wine, choosing the right varietals is only the start of the discussion. Whether it be white, red, or something in between, serving...

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