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    BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Cell Phone Review

    Almost one full year later, RIM and Verizon Wireless are at it again with the BlackBerry Storm2, their second attempt at a full touchscreen BlackBerry device. Despite the relatively strong sales numbers, reports of build quality problems, typing issues, and the like surfaced on the internet within moments of the device launching....

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    HTC HD2 Cell Phone Review

    Introduction If you’ve heard anything about the HTC HD2, the screen size has inevitably been a part of the discussion. Simply put, the device is absolutely beautiful. The 4.3-inch screen pops out at you, and small things like checking e-mail and downloading apps from Windows Marketplace come to life. If you think...

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    LG eXpo Cell Phone Review

    When you look at the LG eXpo, the first thought that comes to mind may be “c’mon, it’s just another Windows Mobile phone.” Yes, the device runs Windows Mobile (6.5, to be exact), but there are some welcome improvements to this device that make it a better unit than past Windows Mobile...

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    Google Nexus One Cell Phone Review

    Though Google has provided Android to several OEMs over the past few years, they hesitated to enter the phone space themselves – until now. Enter the Nexus One, Google’s revolutionary new device featuring the nation’s first direct-to-consumer ordering option. Though it’s quite popular in other countries, the unsubsidized movement hasn’t quite taken...

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    LG Lotus Elite Cell Phone Review

    With all the messaging phones out there it’s sometimes hard to differentiate one from the other. Well, the Lotus has never had that problem. Its unique form factor sets it apart while also adding some useful features. The QWERTY keyboard is wide and spacious, as is the main screen; however, because it’s...

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    LG Chocolate Cell Phone Review

    Introduction As the fourth family member to the Chocolate line, the Chocolate Touch VX8575 shifts to a Dare-like form factor. Those familiar with the situation are aware that LG released two versions of the Chocolate; the BL40 for Europe and Asia, and the VX8575 for the United States. As a phone nerd,...

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    LG Accolade VX5600 Cell Phone Review

    In their long history together, LG and Verizon Wireless have given us more than their share of quality handsets. From high-end handsets like the LG Chocolate Touch to simple models like the VX5400, we’ve been mostly pleased with what we’ve seen. The new LG Accolade VX5600 is closer to the latter, but...

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    Nokia E55 Cell Phone Review

    Nokia has branched out quite a bit in recent years with its smartphone line of Symbian handsets. The E series in particular has usually been quite business-centric, like the Nokia E71 for example, but the E 50 series tend to be a bit more attractive to consumers. Take the Nokia E55, for...

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    Nokia 2660 Cell Phone Review

    The Nokia 2660 continues the company’s tradition of simple, quality phones for making calls. Like the Nokia 2320, it shuns a camera and most of today’s “in” features in favor of making calls and sending messages. But just so it isn’t entirely dull, the 2660 also offers Bluetooth and a voice recorder....

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    Sony Ericsson Naite Cell Phone Review

    It may sound like an object in an interplanetary tongue, but the Sony Ericsson Naite (pronounced nigh-tay) has its roots sunk deep in Earth. Like the Samsung Blue Earth, the Samsung Reclaim, and the Motorola Renew, the Naite is billed as an eco-friendly phone. It’s made from recycled plastic and it’s also...

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    Samsung Memoir T929 Cell Phone Review

    Up until recently, the highest megapixel camera phones to grace U.S. carriers have been 5-megapixel shooters like the Motorola Zine ZN5. If we wanted to play around with higher-performance camera phones, we had to get our hands on unlocked versions like the 8-megapixel Samsung Innov8 from our friends in Europe. But that...

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    Motorola Backflip Cell Phone Review

    Introduction At long last, Android has landed on AT&T. The last of the Big Four American carriers to carry an Android device, AT&T is now on board with the Motorola Backflip. Backflip is named for its unique form factor, which takes a horizontal flip phone and turns it inside out, placing the...

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