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    Motorola Devour Cell Phone Review

    Introduction Motorola is back with the Devour, the third Android-powered device to land on Verizon Wireless.  Originally spotted in Megan Fox’s bathtub during Super Bowl 2010, the phone is available at retail locations across the United States.  The question that’s in every technology person’s mind, however, is: will the unit sell, given...

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    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Cell Phone Review

    Introduction First Symbian, then Windows Mobile, and now Android.  Bucking the trend of many manufacturers in today’s market, Sony Ericsson has opted to work with several different operating systems (with the potential for more, according to recent comments made by the company’s CEO) as opposed to narrowing it down to a particular...

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    Pantech Link Cell Phone Review

    If you read tech-centric websites on a regular basis, the talk of the town is smartphones and tablets.  Rarely is attention given to featurephones, which despite the non-coverage, still command an important role in the marketplace.  The Pantech Link is a no-frills featurephone that does exactly what Pantech made it to do...

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    Samsung Strive Cell Phone Review

    Introduction It’s rare to find a phone with a screen this size (2.6 inches) and it not be a touchscreen device; however, the Strive is packed with other standard features, including a camera, music player, a full QWERTY keyboard, and AT&T navigator. Samsung and AT&T have also added some new features to...

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    Nokia Nuron 5230 Cell Phone Review

    Introduction Every now and then, I’ll receive a call from a family member, asking about the newest smartphone on the market.  Typically, the calls are what I call “curiosity calls” – it’s something they’ve seen on television, but they’re not interested in owning one.  Smartphones have long been regarded as a tool...

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    Motorola Barrage Cell Phone Review

    The push-to-talk market seems to be an “on again, off again” thing (or so it seems) for most of the nationwide carriers. One day, you see a huge push, with television advertisements of how the service is drastically better than Nextel’s Direct Connect option. Then the next day, they’re gone, replaced by...

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    Nokia N97 Cell Phone Review

    Introduction The N97 is Nokia’s current flagship device, which is a shame. Tank may be more appropriate a label for this one’s role. Long-time, hard-core Symbian fans might manage a smooth transition, but I think that everyone else – save a select few – will be completely alienated and turned off by...

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    HTC Ozone Cell Phone Review

    Introduction The HTC Ozone with its slim form factor and green keys is a departure from some of the more bulkier form factor smartphones many think of when they think about a Windows Mobile phone. The smartphone sports a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, 3G connectivity, stereo Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel camera, and an...

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    Motorola CLIQ XT Cell Phone Review

    At first glance, one could find similarities between the Motorola CLIQ XT and its predecessor/older brother, the QWERTY-equipped CLIQ.  As a result, several have written off the device as a revision of the original, which I find unfortunate.  Truth be told, the CLIQ and CLIQ XT can coexist together.  If you’re a...

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    Samsung Reality Cell Phone Review

    The Reality is packed with features that you don’t always see on a basic messaging phone these days, though most people wouldn’t mind having them – features like a 3.5mm headphone jack, miscroSD card slot, and a self-portrait mirror for the camera. Samsung also added a few fun design features, including a...

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    Microsoft Kin One Cell Phone Review

    In April 2010, Microsoft finally took the wraps off Project Pink and introduced two new phones targeted at the younger generation of social butterflies: the Kin One and Kin Two. However, the reveal was shrouded in questions and doubt rather than excitement. Who would want this kind of device, especially in the...

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    HTC Droid Incredible Cell Phone Review

    When you put an adjective like Incredible in a product name, it better deliver the goods, otherwise you end up looking pretty foolish and probably have a bunch of angry customers on your hands. Fortunately for HTC and Verizon, though, it looks like this won’t be the case because the Droid Incredible...

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