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    Dell SP2309W 23 Inch LCD Monitor Review

    For $379, the Dell SP2309W (only available direct from Dell) bundles good performance; VGA, DVI, and HDMI connections; a high 2,048×1,152-pixel resolution; an intuitive, robust and uniquely designed onscreen display; 360 degree screen rotation; and five USB ports. Compared with the $690, 24-inch Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP, the SP2309W comes up slightly short...

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    Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook Review

    Dell’s netbooks have always been in the middle of the pack. They’ve typically offered sleek designs and...

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    Alienware M15x Gaming Notebook Review

    Keeping the same revised look and feel as the recent 17-inch M17x version, the Alienware M15x is an imposing black slab of computing power that’s thicker and heavier than most 17-inch laptops. We love having high-end options such as Intel’s uberpowerful Core i7-920XM CPU, and it’s a plus that Alienware has finally...

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    Dell Studio sx8100-1986NBC Desktop Review

    Dell’s Studio XPS line has done fairly well in our reviews lately, and we find that the $1,149 Studio XPS sx8100-1986NBC is no exception. Although its full model name is a mouthful, this retail-only desktop compares well with others in its price range from both mainstream and smaller PC vendors. We recommend...

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    Dell Inspiron i580-5108NBK Desktop Computer Review

    The Dell Inspiron i580-5108NBC is an ideal match for users with computing habits that lean toward general applications like simple Internet surfing, word processing, and light media editing. Its 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 560 CPU is well equipped to handle applications like iTunes and Photoshop, and it excelled against the competition in...

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    Dell Inspiron i560-4000NBK Desktop Computer Review

    The retail-only Dell Inspiron i560-4000NBK offers little to get excited about. You’ll get decent performance from this $599 dual-core midtower, but a less expensive system from Gateway is faster. Dell offers an 802.11n wireless networking adapter and a little extra RAM in exchange, but we can’t say we find those features worth...

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    Dell Inspiron Zino HD Review

    We’ve been excited to review the Dell Inspiron Zino HD ever since we first saw it at a preview event last August. An affordable, flexible, small-scale desktop, the Inspiron Zino HD seemed like a more accessible version of Dell’s older Mac Mini-competitor, the Studio Hybrid. Shipping delays and the disappearance of a...

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    Dell Studio One 19 (EO19-USE012CS) Review

    The Dell Studio One 19 (EO19-USE012CS) ($999.99 list), which is available at Costco, is very similar to the Studio One 19 I looked at earlier this year. Like the previous iteration, this Studio One 19 is a smallish all in one PC with a 18.5-inch touch screen panel. It’s more powerful than...

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    Dell Studio XPS 8000 (SX8000-1479UWH) Review

    The Dell Studio XPS 8000 (SX8000-1479UWH) ($799.98 list) is a retail version of Dell’s multimedia powerhouse desktop. It has been updated to work with Intel’s recent Core i5 processors, which makes it a lot less expensive than the Dell Studio XPS 435 we looked at last year. Sure, a less expensive graphics...

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