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    Tinke from Zensorium Review

    When I hear the word tinke I immediately think of Peter Pan.  tinke is not a Peter...

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    Polar s720i Heart Rate Monitor Review

    Even if you’re not a serious triathlete in training, the s720i heart rate monitor can still be a good choice for tracking your cardio workouts. The beauty of the s720i is that it has all the features you need for serious runners, and it packs in a whole other tracking system for...

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    Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor Review

    There’s been a huge surge in the popularity of heart rate monitors recently as workout buffs have finally realized the benefits of accurately tracking their heart rate to maximize a workouts effectiveness. So what’s the best heart rate monitor for 2010? The best heart rate monitor for 2010 is the Polar RS400...

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    Polar RS200 Heart Rate Monitor Review

    The Polar Rs 200 heart rate monitor is the base monitor I recommend for people who are more into running than cross training (for cross training see my review of the Polar F11 heart rate monitor). The RS 200 is made for runners. It’s not overly complicated but gets the job done...

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    Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Review

    When I was in the market for a heart rate monitor earlier this year, I eneded up doing about 20 hours of research and found the Polar F11 to be the best fit for my personal needs. If you’re like me and you do a wide variety of exercise like outdoor biking,...

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    Polar F6 Heart Monitor Review

    If you’re considering getting a heart rate monitor, do yourself a favor and get a polar like the F6 – I know there are other budget heart rate monitors from Reebok, Nike and others that look like a better deal, but the Polars have proven themselves year after year to be the...

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