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    Hoover Sport Utility Vacuum Review

    Voted as a pioneer in the floor-care industry, this product has proved to be a revolutionary invention. A vacuum cleaner has become a mandatory appliance to keep items such as televisions, tables, chairs, beds, computers, closets, curtains and other furniture dust free. Given that a recent study revealed that almost every American...

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    Hoover L2310 Garage Vacuum Review

    The Hoover L2310 is meant to be a workhorse and can handle the intensity of a professional environment. The vacuum is constructed with a professional grade material that does not require expensive replacement filters or constant cleaning. It is a central vacuuming solution and is meant to outlast your garage. The vacuum...

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    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Review

    There is one thing all quality vacuums have in common: they are overly expensive, however; Hoover is breaking the trend with the entry-level Hoover U5140-900. This vacuum does not come with a stylish chassis or design, however; it delivers 12-amps of power for under $100. The bag door can be opened with...

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    Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel Review

    The Hoover Windtunnel S3765-040 features a HEPA filtration system that reduces the overall amount of particulates that reenter the air. The vacuum cleans your carpet – and air – as it operates. There is no musty smell or odor and the air is fresh and clean. The HEPA filter traps allergens that...

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    Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Review

    The machine features a 15-inch power nozzle and has distinct air channels that trap the dirt inside the vacuum. Additionally, the vacuum has fingertip sensitive controls that turn the brush roll on or off – making it easy to transition from carpet to bare flooring. Since the Hoover S3670 bagged canister vacuum...

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    Hoover S2220 Flair Review

    Finding the right balance in vacuum cleaners can be difficult, however; the Hoover S2220 weighs just right without feeling flimsy. The machine utilizes a 7.4 amp engine to keep your carpet clean and sanitary. The lightweight design makes vacuuming a fun activity, rather than a cruel form of upper-body exercise. The self-propelling...

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    Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac Review

    It is surprising how dirty carpet can get over a short period of time. Most vacuum cleaners simply do not get the job done. In order to completely sanitize and clean your carpet it must be steam cleaned. Until recently, this process must be performed by a commercial entity or by renting...

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    Hoover U5786900 Windtunnel Anniversary Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

    Buying vacuums is a pain in the butt. There I said it.  The problem (in a nutshell) is suction.  ALL vacuums have terrific suction when you first get them.  Which is why you read articles about how wonderful most vacuums are, when in fact, they kind of suck. (Pun Intended). The issue...

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