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    2011 Jaguar XK Coupe – Short Take Road Test

    Jaguar is confident it got the XK right. Proof is on the order sheet, where there are almost no options. The factory is 13 color choices away from churning out an endless parade of identical cars. The only options are added-cost paint, a pair of wheel upgrades, a black headliner, a heated...

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    2011 Jaguar XJ Supercharged – Road Test

    Sometimes it’s best to begin at the end—in this case, at the XJ’s tail end, where the Jaguar name appears exactly nowhere and those hockey-stick taillights flash a rude middle digit at a lifetime of traditional Jag styling cues. Apply the brakes, and three LED strips illuminate in each taillight, intentionally mimicking...

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    2010 Jaguar XF Supercharged Vehicle Review

    Just a single model year after the new Jaguar XF hit the streets, considerable powertrain improvements have found their way under its shapely hood. The previous 4.2-liter V-8 has disappeared from all but the base XF Luxury model, and the main mill has grown to 5.0 liters, gaining both horsepower and torque...

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