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    Luminox F-22 Raptor 9282 Watch Review

    We’ve reviewed several Luminox watches and clocks here at Watch Report, and today we’re happy to review another: the new F-22 Raptor, model 9282. The brand is clearly moving into more upscale models, and this is a nice example of what they can do. Let’s start with the specs: •Titanium case, bracelet,...

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    Rogue Warrior Avenger Chronograph Watch Review

    In the past few years, there has been a noticeable trend for watches to be ultra-rugged, apparently designed for tougher, more demanding people. Watches have always been made to certain rigorous standars — thus Sir Edmund Hillary was able to wear a Rolex explorer to the top of Mount Everest. Today we...

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    Rogue Warrior Red Cell GMT Watch Review

    Following hot on the heels of our review of the Rogue Warrior Avenger, let us introduce the Red Cell. Named after the unofficial title of Richard Marcinko’s Navy security team, the Red Cell combines some interesting technology with a rough-and-tumble case and crystal guard. Rogue Warrior is a new brand making hardcore...

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    OCEAN7 G-1 GMT Review

    As watch reviewers, we are always on the look out for watches that appeal to a wide crowd rather than just “watch nerds.” OCEAN7 Watch Company has been making watches that fit both descriptions for sometime, so when they offered to send a review sample of the new G-1 GMT, it was...

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    Benarus Worldiver GMT Auto Review

    A few months ago, we reviewed the Benarus Moray and came away impressed by the style, build, and price. Today we bring you a different type of watch from the same family: the new Benarus Worldiver GMT Auto. The Worldiver is a military style GMT dive watch aimed directly at some of...

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    Halios BlueRing Review

    These days, it seems new designs are increasingly rare in the modern watch world as so many new watches share major design elements with watches we’ve seen in the past. How many different brand names have you seen that fundamentally look like a Rolex Submariner? Halios is looking to shake this derivative...

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    Seiko SBQJ015 Perpetual Calendar GMT Review

    When I realized that most of my collection had shifted toward divers and sports watches, I started to keep an eye out for something a little more elegant — something that might be slightly more at home with dress shirt than a 15mm high piece of military equipment or a plastic digital...

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