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    Mitsubishi HC-9000D 3D Projector Review

    Quite awhile ago we reviewed the 3D DepthQ projector and at the time of the review...

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    2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport – First Drive Review

    In its ongoing struggle for relevance—and maybe a sale or two—Mitsubishi is adopting a family approach to its models. Each nameplate will be offered in more than one variant, the Lancer line providing an excellent example of this strategy. It extends from mild—the basic Lancer DE sedan, starting at $15,535—to wild—the 291-hp...

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    2009 Mitsubishi i AWD Review

    Mitsubishi tried to chase Toyota and Nissan with mainstream cars and landed on skid row for it. Now it badly needs a product that causes riots outside its dealerships—a car so unusual and unexpected that it will catch Toyota flat-footed while hurling the three-diamond badge like a ninja’s throwing star back into...

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