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    ProForm 1050E Elliptical Review

    The ProForm 1050E is a feature packed elliptical that has a good range of resistance levels and workout options. This should keep any level of user occupied while the in built sound system will keep them entertained. For this reason a rewarding workout is easily had with this elliptical. Features 20 levels...

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    ProForm 790 E Elliptical Review

    The ProForm 790 E is an elliptical with many workout options available with lots of resistance and programs. It has the ability to target different areas of the legs and buttocks with it’s 35 degree power intensity ramp. It also works out the upper body for an effective total body workout. Features...

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    ProForm 10.0 ZE Elliptical Review

    The ProForm 10.0 ZE is a great value elliptical that’s designed to give anyone a great workout and help you achieve your fitness goals. A stand out feature is that you can target different parts of the lower body with the adjustable stride length so the buttocks, hips or calves can all...

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    ProForm 590 E Elliptical Review

    The ProForm 590 E is a good value mid range elliptical. It has a good variety of resistance levels and workout programs to help anyone get a good workout whatever their fitness or workout aims. It has the Intensity Ramp™ to help you target different parts of your legs and buttocks for...

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