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    Rock Band 3 Review

    It’s been two years since the last true Rock Band game, and Harmonix used that time to offer something awesome for those willing to lay down some extra coin. While the core game hasn’t changed really at all since Rock Band 1, the new additions of a keyboard and 100-plus button Pro...

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    WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Review

    Last year, THQ listened to fans, dumped motion controls, and put out a Wii version of a WWE game that fans could be proud of. It was a port of the PS2 version, but it had all the presentation and flair of the "current-gen" games — just none of the online features....

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    Arcade Sports Review

    You’ve seen this kind of game millions of times before on Wii — a tossed-together collection of various sporting activities reimagined to work with the motion controls of the Wii Remote, but the controls are rough, the graphics are worse and the presentation is just painful to try to trudge through. Yep,...

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    Bejeweled 2 Review

    Everyone and their mothers have played PopCap’s Bejeweled, though the mothers are likely the ones still playing it today. It’s a modern casual classic, a low-impact match-three puzzler that’s been ported around to every possible place — Internet sites, home consoles, portables — but hadn’t yet made it to the Wii in...

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    Robin Hood: The Return of Richard Review

    Figuring out that this is the latest WiiWare release to be ported from the iPhone isn’t too hard to do — Robin Hood: The Return of Richard is decidedly “mobile” in its look and feel. The subtitle would have you think it’s somehow story-driven, perhaps a small RPG or adventure game chronicling...

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    Transformers: Cybertron Adventures Review

    Transformers: Cybertron Adventures has little in common with its HD console cousins. Instead of the third person action trappings of War for Cybertron, the Wii-exclusive Cybertron Adventures goes the curious route of lightgun-shooter-meets-old-school-driving-game (circa F-Zero). This isn’t necessarily a problem, given the host of excellent on-rails shooters on the Wii, including Resident...

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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review

    Last year’s Tiger Woods wasn’t just a great playing game of golf, it was a pretty awesome showcase for Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus peripheral. The company was clearly so proud about what it accomplished, it even beat Nintendo to the punch as the first game on the market to support the motion device....

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