Mugen, heater of Hondas, has announced it’ll debut its juiced CR-Z at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this July. The speedier-than-that {edition|version} of Honda’s {activity|sport} hybrid is purely a {one|1}-off at this {stage|point}. The {overall performance|performance} {arrives|comes} courtesy of a reprogrammed Integrated Motor {Help|Assist} and a {great|good} {previous|old}-fashioned blower atop the {one|1}.{5|five}-liter gasoline powerplant. {In accordance|According} to Mugen Euro’s Colin Whittamore, “A supercharger and complementary electronics {permit|allow} us to {extremely|very} neatly map the IMA to the {additional|extra} {energy|power} and torque of the engine in a {distinctive|unique} {package deal|package}, {providing|giving} a {sleek|smooth}, integrated and {potent|powerful} driving {expertise|experience}.” {Neglect|Forget} the PR fluff: in {actual|real} {figures|numbers}, Mugen’s claiming its {automobile|car} {tends to make|makes} 197hp and 181 lb-ft of torque, {in contrast|compared} to the {manufacturing|production} CR-Z’s 122-hp, 128-lb-ft rating.

In the Other Dynamics {division|department}, Mugen’s {place|put} the {automobile|car} on a {diet plan|diet} and worked {more than|over} the suspension, {including|adding} {5|five}-{stage|step} adjustable shocks all {about|around}, and killed some unsprung {excess weight|weight} {by way of|via} 17″ wheels. {By natural means|Naturally}, the brakes have also been upgraded to {4|four}-piston monoblock {work|jobs}. {Whilst|While} a blown CR-Z {may|might} not be on the H’s {manufacturing|production} calendar, we {picture|imagine} Honda will be {searching|looking} at response to the {automobile|car} to see {whether or not|whether} a {small|little} {much more|more} zap {may|might} {transfer|move} a {couple of|few} {much more|more} of the {small|little} coupes off the {plenty|lots}.

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