notioninkadaamWell quite a few of you probably don’t even know what the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is.  For over 2 years nerds all over the world were waiting for this company to get off the ground and release their tablet.  They made so many promises.  Showed off so many neat new things.

The 10.1” tablet screen (an industry first).

The Pixel QI display (Lets you turn the backlight off, and uses transflective material so you can actually see it in direct sunlight.)

Full GPS

Custom APPS from people who clearly have vision

Amazing Looks

Swivel Camera for both front and back use.

There is an actual edge around the screen so you can grip it without setting whatever you are doing off on the screen.

The list goes on and on…

We waited, and waited, and then finally the day came!!!! PRESALES!!!  Everyone signed up to be on the presale list.  There was to be a limited first release and then they were going to ramp up and get the rest of the people.  Everyone clamored to be first in line! They released the first batch of Adam Tablets, and then long months passed by and they released a second batch, and so on… never enough.


Then the unthinkable happened.  Nothing.  The entire community imploded because there was VERY LITTLE support on the company side, no Android Market, no “Special” market that was promised, no way to get apps unless you side load them.  No steps taken by Notion Ink to upgrade the Android OS so everyone is stuck on Froyo or hacks from the ROM making world unaffiliated with Notion Ink.  Did I mention no support?

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. I see their website, they are still up, but doing nothing.  The forums on the hack sites are dead.  It’s a ghost town.  CLEARLY what has happened is Notion Ink did this as a proof of concept, introduced some new ideas, patented some of them and is either making a deal to get bought out or is hoping they will.  Either way their customers are suffering and have wasted their money.


I bought my Notion Ink Adam on eBay for $250 about a month ago.  It has wifi and pixel qi.  I’m thinking about listing it on eBay, maybe some sucker like me will buy it.

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