At some point in their lives, most people who are culinarily inclined procure some sort of backyard grill capable of expanding their kitchen to the great outdoors. Even those without regular access to backyards or patios explore possibilities with portable versions of gas or charcoal grills. Safe to say, outdoor cooking is immensely popular, and a well-mined territory. Related gadgets and accessories of all shapes and sizes populate store shelves of all shapes and sizes, and the term "grill-master" gets thrown about often, allowing everybody, everywhere the opportunity to fine tune their own particular method for outdoor grilling. And then they discover the outdoor deep fryer.

The Timber Ridge Backyard Host Deep Fryer, which costs around $700, offers a unique way for backyard chefs to expand their cooking arsenal. Featuring the ability to act as either a massive water boiler for party treats such as shellfish and corn on the cob or as a deep fryer for everything else, the 9-gallon capacity reservoir is made for entertaining a crowd.

Convenience is key for an outdoor deep fryer, and this appliance offers the ability for new users to dive in easily. (Not literally, please). Complete with a gravity-fed filtration system that allows for the cooking oil to be reused multiple times, the heavy-gauge welded steel construction offers a stable and long-lasting usability that is designed to not only keep outdoor cooking fun and easy, but also exciting and fresh (and perhaps a tad bit greasier).


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