Gone are the days when toasters were necessary appliances; now one little box is capable of so much more. But that hasn’t stopped old-timey toasters from populating store shelves. And truth be told, modern toasters have evolved into efficient little machines that feature nice designs and simple operation. However, sometimes that is not enough. What was once a ubiquitous kitchen appliance has evolved into something so much more.

The KitchenAid Convection Countertop Oven ($160) replaces the toaster (or even the toaster oven) while remaining compact in size. Measuring 13 inches across, 12.25 inches deep, and 7.5 inches tall, the versatile appliance makes efficient use of countertop space. The 1,400-watt oven is capable of 450-degree cooking; it features fan-circulated hot air to keep temperatures consistent throughout the 0.6-cubic-foot capacity interior.

With the demands of the modern kitchen, efficiency is important, and with the ability to toast six slices of bread at a time, the countertop oven does everything an upright toaster does and more. With traditional knob controls mimicking a full-size oven, users choose from temperature, time, toast, or function settings, which are designed to do everything from bake a 12-inch pizza to even cooking a small roast–without the need for extra-wide slots.

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