Ever wanted a grilled cheese sandwich but didn’t have time to do anything but stick some bread in the toaster? That simple act can translate into a grilled cheese sandwich if you’re willing to put cheese between your slices of bread and find a way to keep it from dripping into the toaster. The NoStick Toast It Toaster Bags can keep your cheese contained, along with other sandwich fixings. The bags are made from a heat-resistant material that can be reused up to 50 times and works well with any type of toaster.

The NoStick Toast It Toaster Bags work for whipping up toasted sandwiches, reheating pizza slices (and getting that little crispness on the cheese that you can’t achieve with a microwave), toasting garlic bread, and much more. The bags can’t handle straight liquids, but will hold up just fine if your sandwiches are loaded with condiments and vegetables. They are also handy for keeping the toaster uncontaminated if some people who use it have different food allergies. For instance, if you can only eat gluten-free bread but your housemates love wheat toast, toasting your slices in these bags will eliminate any problematic cross contact. The NoStick Toast It Toaster Bags wipe clean and can go in the dishwasher, provided they’re not near the heating element. They are available for $6.99 from Amazon.

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