If you’re bringing a desktop to a LAN party, you’ve missed the boat.  

The Qosmio is Toshiba’s version of the perfect gaming machine. From the hardcore, rugged design complete with flames, red backlights, and bold case to what’s actually being housed inside. You’ll find that the X305 will not let you down. The Qosmio X305 could be Toshiba’s largest contribution to the gaming industry. This is not just a laptop. It’s what you’d imagine would happen if you auditioned for Pimp-My-Ride, and Toshiba walked out instead of Xzibit with a brand new laptop for you. Oh yes, oh yes.

The Qosmio houses quite a bit of power. Between the Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile processor that balances more frames per second with superb power efficiency for the perfect blend of power and battery conservation. The unit can house up to 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, two NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS SLI graphics cards with 1 GB DDR3 discrete graphics memory, and a 320GB SATA hard drive that runs at 7200 RPM. This provides you with a maxed out potential of disgusting amounts of totalitarian gaming power for a performance unparalleled on your bestfriend’s silly netbook. The 4 harman/kardon stereo speakers with sub-woofer also provide the necessary “bump”; who’d have thought a laptop could pack such a punch?

If you’re still not impressed (yeah, yeah anyone can throw some crazy stuff in a laptop) the design of this unit will surely impress you. The 17″ widescreen display that has a full 1680 x 1050 resolution, the notebook’s case is designed in such an eye-catching manner it’s hard not to be impressed. The motif is obviously one of fiery passion, something Toshiba brings to their products, and you bring to the gaming arena. This is brought out in everything from the speaker covering panels, the backlighting, and the chassis; all are smothered in sick art that glimmers in light.

If you’re a serious gamer who hates to lug around the desktop every Saturday night, then the time has come for you to purchase the Toshiba X305 Qosmio. Be the envy of all at the next LAN party, and sit pretty knowing this beast only cost 1,649.99.

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