Brought by a group of struggling play characters making their way through a hail of commands, Uniforms for the Dedicated combines the clothing line of Fall 2010 with a new awaited music release, conceptual artwork, and short film, all under a shared project name. This time, the collective has combined their creations around a “March of No Coincidence”, a created concept of a board game which play instructions merely are left to be bended for realization of any vision or destiny of liking.

The clothing design of Fall 2010 originates from the classic workingman hero of the post-war era, with influences especially from minors and railway workers. In combination with updated materials and fits, the designs stand out as a playful yet functional. Furthermore, produced by Jayare and Nils Krogh of Uniforms for the Dedicated, new exciting music collaborations are awaited to follow up the success of A Play of Nonsense and 1020 Trickery Lane of previous Fall and Spring respectively. The single and music video of March of No Coincidence is scheduled for release mid October, while “March of No Coincidence” will be available mid-August 2010 at, and in stores around the world.

The Review_Crew is a mix of writers that work for Reviewboard Magazine for the specific purpose of building the Review Crew brand of Reviews. Because they are a team and review these products in a group setting (8 people on a team) they share the attribution in the form of a team name rather than individually.


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