The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tablet is a pretty nifty device. I have to be honest though, it is not a beat all end all device. In fact, after the novelty wears off there are really only a few solid uses for it because of it’s odd shape and lack of custom apps to make use of the odd design.

Basically if you put the Motorola Droid X next to the Samsung Galaxy Tablet the two could almost be twins. This is interesting at first but it makes the use of the device outside of reading the news and ebooks a bit cumbersome. I will say there are several games as well that are pretty nice.

That said, emailing, writing and surfing the web is a pain. The Galaxy Tablet is not big enough to support a good sized keyboard like the iPad so you can’t do any power typing which rules out on the road typing at your favorite coffee bar.

Rattling off e-mails can also be a burden because of e keyboard, although with the voice recognition and the decent processor you can rattle off quick replies easily enough.

The problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is it is too small to be incredibly useful like the Verizon Wireless Apple iPad, and too big to feel comfortable in your hands. It is a tween sized device that would be outstanding for backpackers, bikers, hiking and other activities where space is precious.

The 3G side of things on the other hand was (as usual) wonderful. The speeds are top form and connectivity was never an issue. This is not unusual as Verizon Wireless has consistently offered the best service that we have seen in any of the states our writers have done reviews.

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