ViewSonic Pro8200 DLP Top Theater Projector Review

ViewSonic Pro8200 DLP Top Theater Projector

The ViewSonic Pro8200 DLP Top Theater Projector is a pretty nice projector at a great value price point.  It is a capable short throw projector with a native 1080p resolution.  It is able to really stand out thanks in part to the Texas Instruments DarkChip3 technology and an exclusive 7-segment color wheel.

It has RGB, S-Video, Composite Video and 2 HDMI connectors that will accomodate almost any setup easily.   It even has two 10w speakers built in so you can skip on the sound system if you really needed to. (Although we would not advise you to do so)

Fully featured with things like Picture-In-Picture the ViewSonic Pro8200 has many neat or exclusive functions. One of those is the Instant “Off-to-Go” feature.    It allows you to shut down the projector and pack it up immediately without waiting for a cool off period like other projectors. 

With 2000 ANSI Lumens you can use the ViewSonic Pro8200 Home Theater Projector in a fairly well lit room, or on a colored wall without a screen.  It has a lot of versatility, which also makes it an ideal small business projector that can be brought home during off times for a perfect Home Theater Projector saving you a lot of money.

All in all we have to say this is a great little value projector and one ViewSonic’s high-end models.  We give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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