Darlings, do you get chapped lips? I do. Mine occasionally will start to appear dry and chapped, and in the winter (and sometimes summer) they crack. Ugh. But, health experts say that why a good lip balm can help, so can your diet. The key to preventing chapped lips is eating more of this food, say experts …

The food to eat? Walnuts!

Apparently, the king of nuts is also great for your lips. An expert who spoke to Women’s Health pointed out recently that to keep your lips moist and beautiful, your bod needs to “constantly replace old skin cells with new ones.” And, it seems that the Omega-3 fats in walnuts (and fish, too) may help “regulate this turnover so that it happens all the time.”

One serving of walnuts, an ounce, is about 14 shelled halves. Sprinkle them on yogurt, in salads and on oatmeal–yum!

Do you eat walnuts and other Omega-rich foods often?

P.S. Advice from The Girls in the Beauty Department about how to deal with chapped lips. And, love or hate: bright pink lipcolor (I kind of love it!).

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