We were asked to take a look at the Webhostingsearch.com website and their review offerings about a week ago.  As you probably already know we review just about everything you can have an opinion about so we agreed to have a look.

The first thing you see when you go to the Webhostingsearch.com’s top web hosting website is the design.  It’s sharp, clean look really appeals to the eye. There seem to be a number of user reviews, and quite a few professional reviews of the various web hosting solution providers on the net.  The professional reviews are well written and while we were not able to verify each of their findings, we felt comfortable enough with the style and format to feel the opinion was informed.

The user reviews are usually short 1 to 4 sentence blurbs about personal experiences with various companies, and a 1 – 5 star rating.  A nice part of that is the “Overall User Rating” indicator that averages the user side experience, which can then be used as a comparitive against the professional reviewer’s opinion.  As far as web hosting reviews go the WebhostingSearch.com’s website seems to have it all.  Great looks, good reviews, and fast load times.  Couple that with the thousands of user reviews it turns into a really useful tool capable of steering you in the right web hosting direction.

They have buying guides, special coupons to save money on hosting, a learning center with video tutorials, and side by side comparitives as well.  Webhostingsearch.com’s website really is a one-stop review shop when it comes to web hosting reviews.

The bottom line?  I’d say the Webhostingsearch.com’s website should get 5 out of 5 stars.  It’s an excellent offering and the price is right… (FREE!).


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