Kitchen appliances are generally manufactured with convenience in mind–not surprising as all cooks appreciate some form of convenience. As convenient as some appliances are, however, some simply are not convenient enough. Or thoughtful enough. They may have all the bells and whistles meant to enhance the cooking experience, but sometimes, for some at least, they don’t have the feature that matters.

The Terraillon 8776 Linear Vocal Kitchen Scale takes an easy-to-use popular kitchen appliance and adds the convenience of voice. Speaking in three languages (English, French and German), the talking scale may be a convenient feature for some, but for others, the feature may mean more. All the conveniences of a particular appliance, after all, aren’t worth much to those who might have trouble even seeing the panel.

Designed for everyday use, the scale features a 2-quart work bowl and a 6.6-pound (3-kilogram) capacity. The base measures 8.7 inches by 7.2 inches with a height of 1.5 inches, making it a convenient size for storage or leaving on the counter. With standard features one would expect from a scale such as a tare function and the ability to measure dry or liquid ingredients, the talking scale, which sells online for around $50, offers simplicity without trying to say too much.

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