The Weslo Cadence 55 is one of the cheapest motorized treadmills you can buy, it’s an entry level treadmill that’s ideal for those starting an exercise routine. It can take a weight of up to 250 lbs which is impressive for it’s price.


Clear display shows detailed information throughout your workout
Speed is digitally controlled rising to a maximum of 8 mph
Running deck is cushioned so there’s less stress on the joints
Run with the surface flat or an incline of up to 5%
Weslo Cadence 55 Treadmill Review

Weslo make only great value fitness equipment. They make ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes. What they do is try and get as many features as they can at the best price. They also make sure their products last and this is true of the Weslo Cadence 55 treadmill as a user capacity of 250 lbs has to be quite a strong machine. Especially as it’s designed for that user to be running.

The speed of the motor goes up to 8 mph which is a fast run, this is more than enough for beginners, overweight runners or children. A jog is around 6 mph and with that you can achieve a good level of fitness and weight loss. If you want to make the run harder you can use the incline which goes to 5%. This is like running on a gentle hill and burns calories faster.

The running deck is cushioned. Compared to running on the street you should find you get far less stresses and strains in the feet, lower leg and back. This is why for elderly, the overweight or children this treadmill is so ideal. The cushioning means you have 15% less impact if you run on the treadmill compared to a normal road. This represents a big difference.

The large display has all the information you need to track your workouts and progress. The information available is speed, time, distance and calories burned. So if your fitness aim is weight loss then you can see how many calories you’ve burned. The Weslo Cadence 55 treadmill is for those who haven’t got a lot of room in their home for fitness equipment and want a very reasonably priced treadmill.


Motor: Impulse™ 2.0 HP Drive Motor
Running Deck: 14″ x 45″ Treadbelt
 Speed: 0-8 MPH Digital Speed Control
Incline: 0 to 5%

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