The West Bend Electric is an electric countertop can opener that is extra tall to accommodate large cans. It also includes a bottle opener and knife sharpener, and has convenient cord storage so the unit can be easily stored in a cabinet when not in use. The slim design saves valuable counter space, and the cutting unit is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Despite being a traditional top-cutter, reviewers say this can opener doesn’t leave jagged edges. Experts and consumers agree the West Bend Electric is quiet, and they say food doesn’t splatter during use. Owners note that the West Bend Electric, which comes in four colors (white, black, red or metallic) is attractive, and they say its substantial weight keeps the unit steady even when opening large cans. For a can opener that doesn’t take up any counter space but offers the convenience of automatic operation, consider the rechargeable Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact (*Est. $25), which fits nicely in a kitchen drawer.

We found the best reviews of the West Bend Electric can opener on, where over 260 owners have offered their opinions of this electric can opener. Additional owner opinions can be found at and, although separates reviews by the color of the unit, so navigation can be a bit cumbersome to view all the comments. A professional recommendation for the West Bend is found in a review in The Boston Globe, where reporter John Guilfoil discusses affordable kitchen appliances. Detailed reviews and recommendations are also found at and, although reviewers at these sites don’t perform any formal testing.

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