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White PagesThe white pages have changed over the years for certain.  In fact, some of you reading this may not even know what the white pages are.  Think about that for a second.  Not even knowing what the White Pages are…  Gone are the days when you open your front door, or come home from work and find two big books on your door step, the white pages, and the yellow pages.  If you lived in a small enough community they were only one book!  For a time using online versions of the white pages was pretty easy.

White Pages Lookup  – Not so easy anymore Too many Ads for White Pages

You may have noticed that most of the white pages websites have been bought up by info for sale sites.  Pay us $9.95 for your white pages answer or give us $19.99 for the year and get unlimited White Pages look ups.  Even if you go to white pages dot com you will see that you don’t get much information anymore.  Sure they will give you an address (most likely old) but the white pages of old are gone.  You don’t get a phone number without paying.   Have you tried looking for a white pages available online that actually works and gives you the phone number?  It’s impossible to find a free white pages, it seems like all the big companies have bought them out so they can sell their subscription based white pages.  Sure you can dial 411 on your cell phone (the mobile phone version of the white pages) but a lot of companies charge for that and it is hit or miss.White Pages

So what is the solution?  Well for one thing the white pages aren’t as relevant as they once were.  Before cell phones became popular they were very useful.  However, today most people don’t even have a land line phone in their house.  Each occupant (including children) have cell phones.  Why would you want to call someone’s home phone number and then ask for them, wait for them to come to the phone… only to have them say “I’ll call you right back on my cell” or “call me on my cell”.

Unlimited talk plans are a dime a dozen now and almost everyone has them.  So minutes aren’t really a big deal now and instant communication technology like instant messenger, facebook messenger, texting, Skype, gtalk and a hundred other solutions are also available.  Calling is almost as obsolete as the white pages and land lines.  It’s hard these days to let your fingers do the walking.  To be honest there is no solution really, calling 411 on your cell phone is about the only solution available.  You can also dial 800 – BING – 411 and Microsoft will give you free information services.   You can check out Bing for mobile web link here as well.



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