We’re still waiting on a simple and effective solution for wireless HD in the home, but when it comes to streaming from the PC, there are at least a few options available.  The latest from Asus is not only inexpensive, but it’s about as easy as it gets.

You’ll get one unit to send the signal, and one to receive it.  The one that sends it requires a pair of USB cables from your computer for power and an HDMI cord for the video signal.  It sends video and audio to the receiver, which sends it out via HDMI.

Asus assures that you’ll be getting 1080p video thanks to a 3Gbps transfer rate.  Audio is a bit of a mystery though – there’s no word on what kind of audio is supported by the technology.

It’s not a whole house solution by any means.  You’ll get 33 feet worth of range out of the WiCast, though that range isn’t limited by line of sight. You can pick up a WiCast for yourself this September at a price of $199.

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