It amuses me to see how many World of Warcraft Leveling guides that are flying around in the digital world we call the Internet. WoW is so addicting, that even those who have been playing for years are constantly leveling new characters. A select few have even figured out how to do it really fast and have written some great guides, however some of these guides are total junk. I know from experience…

Sadly, I’m one of those players who got tricked by some chump who was just trying to make a few quick bucks from a dude looking to speed level a few new characters. Luckily I was able to get my money back eventually, but it took a ton of fighting with their ‘support team’ and I wasted quite a bit of time trying their lame techniques that were far from quick and had me running around doing all sorts of stupid stuff that really didn’t help me level any faster than killing boars..

What was my mistake? I went to one of these websites that lists EVERY World of Warcraft leveling guide on the Internet and just picked a random one. The site I went to just had them all plastered on the same page with links to all of the different sales pages. I figured there wasn’t any difference between the guides and just picked a random one out of sheer frustration. Should have looked a bit more I guess.

After FINALLY getting my refund, I set out to find a real World of Warcraft leveling guide, and came across a few well set up web pages that seemed like they actually cared which guides their readers eventually purchased. I bought the one the webmaster recommended and was VERY impressed. My new toon was 70 in under two weeks.

I came to the realization that when it comes to buying products like this on the Internet, not just World of Warcraft leveling guides, but any type of ebook, you have to watch out for those folks who don’t have any knowledge of the product; those who just blindly throw up every guide or every product under the sun for whatever stupid reason. I suppose they’re looking for tons of traffic?

Anyhow, it’s a definite quality over quantity issue we’re dealing with here. Find a quality page that only lists a couple of guides and listen to what they have to say. Also be sure to read the seller’s page very well so you know exactly what you’re getting. Ultimately, make your own decision about what you want.

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