The Yowza Sanibel is a feature packed well built elliptical that will give commercial elliptical workouts in the comfort of your home. Yowza ellipticals are the only ones that have converging axis handlebars for superior upper body workouts. It has plenty more to offer:

Large two tiered console gives detailed information before, during and after your workout
12 workout programs including 50 random program variations
Smooth silent natural feeling ride for easier and more effective results
Plug your ipod into the sound system to listen to your favorite music as you workout
Yowza Sanibel Elliptical Review

Yowza Fitness are becoming one of the major forces in fitness equipment for the 21st century. Their owners have a combined 49 years experience in the industry and have used their expertise to make Yowza equipment with the latest technologies and design. This is the case with the Sanibel elliptical which has similar features and build quality of commercial ellipticals combined with a very good warranty.

The resistance is applied using an electromagnetic braking system. This means magnets are used so the elliptical lasts longer as there’s no friction involved. The levels are controlled easily at the touch of a button on the console. The low levels are suitable for beginners or for warm ups. The higher levels will give you a good challenging workout which will tone and give the body shape.

The workout programs are always a great feature of Yowza fitness equipment and the Sanibel elliptical doesn’t disappoint. There are 12 workout programs that can deliver a great workout for beginners to experienced users and provide a variety of results from weight loss to improved fitness depending on your program choice. Many of the 12 programs have different intensity levels so you can further refine the workout you require.

The heart rate program is used with the heart rate sensors in the handlebars or the receiver if you have a heart rate strap. This program has the potential to give you very effective workouts for the effort you put in. The computer changes the resistance to keep your heart rate at the optimum level as you ride. This means your workout has the maximum benefit for your body and health.

The upper body handlebars give a unique and very effective upper body workout that you can only get on certain Yowza ellipticals. This is bound to be copied elsewhere. While you workout there’s a 3 speed cooling fan to keep you cool as you workout. There’s also a sound system with an ipod docking station for some motivational entertainment as you workout. Overall the Yowza Sanibel is a very impressive elliptical for in home fitness.


Frame: Robotically Welded Steel
Resistance: Electromagnetic Braking System
Pedals: Sure-Fit™ design with perfect spacing
Stride Motion: Rear Drive, Silent Roller Less
Stride Length: 21″
Heart Rate Monitor: Polar Heart Rate Receiver
Upper Body Motion: Patented Converging Axis
 Workout Programs: 12 Preset
Water Bottle Holder: Yes
User Memory Profiles: 9
Sound System: Ipod Docking Station &
Built In Speakers: Hi Fidelity
Workout Fan: 3 Speed Adjustable

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